Toll free: 01800.501.0101

Toll free: 01800.501.0101

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Patients and visitors:

Heliport use

Médica Sur’s new heliport, one of a kind, allows us to be closer to our patients at critical moments. We also offer our whole high-level hospital organization, technology and quality care to serve people who live in the metropolitan area and in nearby towns to Mexico City.

Our elevated heliport, located at the south side of the city, has all the instruments for safe descent of the aircraft. It has a capacity of up to 9,700 kilos (21,340 Lbs) and is registered with the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport).

It is an elevated heliport at an altitude of 2,279.98 msnm (7,480.25 Ft above sea level) which coordinates are: 19°17'45.60"North Latitude and 99°9'38.7" West Longitude.

Once the aircraft descends, the patient is admitted by the medical personnel and he/she is transferred to an assessment and stabilization room to determine his/her health status, and requirements for his/her treatment; there, physicians determine to what area of the hospital he/she should be transferred.

Personnel at your service

If you require an Air Ambulance (Medic One) you can contact us at 52 19 35 08 and 10 54 85 78  and Nextel 31 87 09 61
When you request the services of our heliport, please have the following information at hand, it will be essential to provide the best care in order to prepare the equipment and personnel needed to receive your patient:

Characteristics and registration of the aircraft, captain who is commanding the aircraft, patient’s name, patient’s medical status, origin of the flight and estimated time of arrival.

In the event that the use of the heliport is not for medical care purposes, you will be informed of the conditions you must comply at our front desk number: 54 24 72 00