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Servicios de Salud
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Health Care:

Obstetrics and Gynecology

A la vanguardia en el cuidado de la salud de la mujer

We focus on offering guidance to the prevention, detection and treatment of major diseases originated from the female reproductive system, including the mammary gland.

We provide direct, integral care by doctors who, jointly assess their health status to always provide safe medical alternatives. For your convenience, we have the specialty of gynecology at: Médica Sur Tlalpan and Médica Sur Lomas (Pedregal y Polanco).

Find a specialized service for the attention of any gynecological disorder, health conditions related to the stage of your life or the reception of your baby. In Médica Sur Tlalpan through our department of obstetrics and gynecology at Médica Sur Lomas as a complex specialized in women's health and gynecology at Médica Sur.

The Department of obstetrics and gynecology at Médica Sur Tlalpan, offers women a variety of human elements, structural and technological changes in order to prevent disease and preserve the state of women's health, pregnancy and out of it, completed with services prenatal diagnosis and surveillance, treatment of uterine fibroids, maternity packages and a host of technological features allow to provide the excellent service you deserve.

Médica Sur Lomas, has 4 specialized units that work daily to preserve the gynecological health of women, depending on her stage: adolescence, reproductive age, post-reproductive age and menopause. Besides its gynecological pathology service, where aided by technology, detecst and prevents main gynecological diseases affecting women.

To serve pregnant woman, service of Obstetrics offers high-level medical specialists, as well as packages of maternity facilities and latest equipment in warm and comfortable allowing you to fully enjoy this process.

For his part in Medica Sur provides gynecological and has a service dedicated to early detection of cervical cancer, breast cancer and support and guidance to the couple before, during and after pregnancy.

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